New Commercial With Bob Vila!

Legendary TV personality and home and garden aficionado Bob Vila loves is now a part of the brand new infomercial for Grassology! Watch the video above to see why Bob and so many others prefer this new grass seed blend!

2 thoughts on “New Commercial With Bob Vila!

  1. I LOVE GRASSOLOGY! I have lived in the same home all my life. My family has tried many types of grass seed, but I have NEVER seen anything as good as Grassology! We had an old asphalt driveway that was no longer needed. My neighbor took up the asphalt, put down more soil to even it up to the level of the lawn, spread the seed, covered it with hay, covered that with a tarp. After 4 days, he took off the tarp and told us to water it (soak it) several times a day. It is the thickest, greenest, prettiest grass we ever had. We are going to re-grass the rest of the lawn, when we can. Perhaps the people who complain about Grassology just put the grass seed down and think that is all there is to it!

    • I ordered some of this grass a couple months ago and paid for it… it never showed up. I do not see their contact information on their site. Any ideas?


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